The American Dream is Changing

In the last 30 years, the dream of owning a home has been driven out of reach for many Americans. Real property is no longer an option for many people to invest into and reap the benefit of, to support us in our later years.

The biggest opportunity for many of us to create long-term value is developing intellectual property. Where real estate has a maximum value, brands have no limit on earning potential. The problem is that even with the best idea, it’s really hard to get a new brand in the market and to scale it.

Many people try to invest in businesses that have limited or no success because they’re just one person. They don’t have a team they can turn to for support. They have a fantastic idea, but no way to move it forward.

BYOB hopes to change that with a simple idea: to attract people and opportunities into the group that have strong brand building potential. We bring together creative designers with business and marketing professionals to tackle what’s needed to build a brand in a joint venture.

The BYOB Team may bring projects to the group for evaluation and investment in dollars, sweat equity or both. Members earn ownership value in the brands they choose to participate in building, with the end game of diversifying our individual income across a portfolio of projects that we believe in.

We currently have three brands in various stages of the development process in the following areas of business; modern pet furniture design, a consumer app, and a CBD product. We are seeking like-minded individuals who can catch our vision. We don’t need any new projects to start at the moment, but we’d love to talk about how you might contribute to one of our teams. 

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